Student Journal Club on Experimental Medicine

This is the Website of the Student Journal Club on Experimental Medicine (JC Exp Med, JCEM) at the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main (Germany).

The JCEM is a platform for students to engage with research across different fields, practice critical thinking, improve public speaking skills, and foster collaboration between students from various academic backgrounds.

Here you will find up-to-date posts regarding organizational matters and occasional posts on the topic of “academic publications” in general.

General Information

When? Every second Monday at 6 pm
Where? KOMM (Building 18a) and ZOOM

If you are interested in joining the Journal Club, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our lead coordinator at


  1. Since the world language is English also in research (almost all publications are in English) and the journal club should also be open to students who do not speak German very well yet, the language of the presentations will be English. We are aware that this can be challenging for some students, but with this, it is at the same time a good training to become more fluent in the foreign language.
  2. The concept is that every other week a different student will present a publication that he/she has recently found particularly interesting and/or relevant. The choice of topics should take into account the interdisciplinary aspect of the journal club.
  3. There are no specific requirements for participation in the journal club.
  4. For first-year students, we offer to let them “get a taste” of what it’s like, i.e. not to be directly included in the list of presenters so that you can find out how well you get along with the presentations or if perhaps there is still too much that is new to you (although all presenters will certainly make an effort to explain the topics as well as possible).
  5. If you are unsure about how to find good publications to present, feel free to check out our guide on that.

Further Information / Weitere Hinweise

This Journal Club is in no way affiliated with the Journal of Experimental Medicine or the Rockefeller University Press. Contributions are in no way limited to this journal or any other journal of the publisher.
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Dieser Journal Club ist in keiner Weise mit dem Journal of Experimental Medicine oder der Rockefeller University Press verbunden. Die Beiträge sind in keiner Weise auf diese Zeitschrift oder eine andere Zeitschrift des Herausgebers beschränkt.
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